Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in words

This is the last post of 2007. Scary thought, isn’t it? Your life dripping away, and all you have to speak for are a few incoherent thoughts on the internet. Well, today I will put that right. I shall review each international team in turn and say whether this year has been good or not.


The Ozzlers had an alright year, I suppose. If I remember correctly, they lost no test matches. Although, the highlight of their year was losing to Zimbabwe. That was fantastic. They also received a hilarious battering by New Zealand. “AHAHAHA” I said.


To be honest, Bangladesh are still crap. Although, they did ok in the World Cup – getting into the Super Sevens or whatever it was called. They seem content to be “alright” at ODIs but as useless as fetid dingo kidneys at test match cricket.


Don’t get me started about that lot.


Another year, another yearn for the past, another failure to achieve their potential. Of course, they won the twenty20, but that’s a bit like winning a tap-dancing competition. Sure, it requires skill but you wouldn’t tell your mates about it. They also beat England. On the domestic front, the ICL thing seems to be fading out - like the careers of its players.


Pakistan look great. Always have; always will. Although, they were embarrassingly evicted from the World Cup by a country of happy drunks, 2007 was a year of “rebuilding”. They still have some awesome players, but they have a new captain and plenty of young blood. These new brooms acted as obliging cannon fodder to India in one of their many series.

New Zealand

I don’t really know what to say about these. OK – they got into the World Cup semis. OK – they thrashed Australia. They have some good players. But, you know, they’re really rubbish. Fortunately, so are England, so 2008 promises a superb battle of the retards. I am also keen to advise them, as well.

South Africa

Felt like they should have won the World Cup, or the Twenty20, or a raffle contest. Instead, they decided to sit about and tell the world how great they are. The world replied by pulling on the choke chain. And then laughed at them. They also dropped their best player for a bit.

Sri Lanka

These guys are great. The island has the population of Milton Keynes and produces the best batsman and bowler in the world. The rest of them aren’t bad, either. They managed to get into the final of the World Cup. They also beat England.

West Indies

Lost against England and then won again. Didn’t win the World Cup. Still look pants. Won a game against South Africa causing the whole world to go crazy.

Other note-worthy things

Jason Gillespie scored a double hundred for Yorkshire.

I discovered Sluggo.

And dancing. And jigging. And other pretty pictures.

Ayalac gained not one, but two guest bloggers.

I lead a campaign at the ECB to install Matthew Hoggard as captain. I even told them how to win the World Cup. Although, I didn’t bring that up when I met Paul Collingwood.

England were also unexpectedly and deservedly attacked by various animals in their recent series in Sri Lanka. They also lost. Like a bunch of knackered cretins.

Lovely cricket bloggers held a nice birthday party for me, celebrating the wonder of spin bowling.

And that’s my 2007. Happy New Year everyone!

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