Wednesday, September 26, 2007

India wins, or so it seems

No one really cares. Not even a billion Indians. However, the match twisted and turned. Or so I read. I didn’t really watch it. In protest of losing my bet, and decrying the banality of the ultra-shortened format, I boycotted the affair.

Is acceptable to say that India were the best team in the tournament/championship/wasteoftime? After all, Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka won more matches than they.

Do we see India’s elevation into the highest of limited-over achievement a reflection of sporting justice? Well, taking my claims that twenty20 is a cricketing equivalent to “spin the bottle”, no one would have deserved any plaudits if they won.

But I’m no mean bastard. Well done India. You lucky sods.


Uncle J rod said...

I think all games should end in spin the bottle, maybe even test matches.

I'm thinking at the end of a India v South Africa game Nel kissing Harbarjan. Nice.

Samir Chopra said...

The mind boggles. Would Nel and Harbhajan also be spinning a bottle, or would their act of kissing set bottles spinning worldwide?