Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bangladesh's trousers: how low can they go?

Some of my more regular readers are becoming concerned (nee agitated) at the reduced frequency of update. Admittedly, things have been a little slow. It’s a work thing. You will find that people in paid employment have less time generally. I doubt you’ll ever need to worry about that, though.

Never mind! I have sacked my last roving reporter, and have engaged another. He’s currently finishing a draft of the test match in Durham. So, it’ll be nice and topical.

So! What in the news? Bangladesh are still as awful as the East Sussex County Council, but, fortunately, less doomed to nuclear annihilation.

In their current test match against Sri Lanka, they stand at 72-4. Which, frankly, is pants. Not as pants as they have been. Maybe more like boxer shorts. Or even girly pants: you don’t mind watching them, but you wouldn’t want to be in them.

There’s still plenty of time for the Tigers to redeem themselves. If they stick it out and escape only a modest thrashing, they may even promote into “shorts” status. This isn’t a great place to be, either, in my eyes.

Shorts are rubbish: Trousers any day, in my opinion. You can’t beat a good test match trouser.