Friday, July 13, 2007

Cricket and important items from its histories

I may, or may not, have just come back from the pub. You will have to judge for yourselves based on the quality of writing.

I freely admit, that, because of my work commitments, I have not had the opportunity to examine the cricket press as is my normal habit.

However, today saw a special Ayalac visit to the Bank of England Museum. Some of my older readers may remember the Dingly Dell vs. Old Muggleton watsit on the £10 note. You may recall that the sort of solicitor looking bloke had his hat knocked off by a dangerous looking beamer. Another, podgier looking chap at leg gully made a face like this: O.

The characters looked faintly Dickensian in their juxtaposition. In fact, I think it may have been an invention of ol’ Charlie.

So, in this Museum, as well as collectively remarking on the surprising weight of a gold bar, we also observed the ORIGINAL sketch of above cricket match.

Only I appreciated its significance. I was part of history…being a visitor to that place of cricketing thingy-ma-bob. And you too, by your loose (but not loose enough for my liking) link to me.

I think that last paragraph might have clarified the pub-situation for you. But I still think you’re all a bunch of bastards. So don’t worry about that.

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