Monday, December 03, 2007

England: is there no relief?

No. No there isn't. After clawing ourselves into a decent lead, England have thrown it all away by allowing Sanath Jayasuriya to catapult Sri Lanka into a defendable position. It is the same old depressing story for England fans. It is the dependable endurance of those following these well-meaning goons, we’re used to dealing with this now. We have coping strategies.

For a brief, reckless moment I thought that England could perhaps win this match. And then, before you could say “Oh fucking marvellous, it’s Christmas again” the tourists generously forwent any vestige of advantage.

In his last test match (unless the King of Ceylon calls recalls him from Columbo's Home For The Old and Passed It), Jayasriya has moved the Lankans from a first innings deficit to a second innings surplus. What a guy.

This is not the first time that Jayasuriya has battered my boyish hopes into oblivion. I remember in 1998, England totalled an unusually large score: 445. This was exciting to me; I was used to reading about massive scorecards in the sub-continent, but following the England team leaves you accustomed to undignified slumps.

But a score of over 400 gave the heart a flutter. Perhaps we could win? In strolled Jayasuriya, who promptly smote 213. Smashing England’s cream and dreams to all corners. We lost in that familiarly English fashion of pathetic.

Nonetheless, that match was very interesting. Notice Darren Gough’s 133-ball 15. Oh, and Muralitharan got some wickets, too.

Anyway, back to this century, with Matthew Hoggard looking injured and Monty Panesar lacking threat, England's attack has wilted in the sun. To this, Sri Lanka say "ha" adding "you're rubbish" before whacking us around the park. For an England fan, it is easy to confuse heat-stroke with déjà vu.


Uncle J rod said...
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Uncle J rod said...

Oh my, is Kumar king?

John said...

Kumar can't be King, he's too cool.

Tim said...

And things have only got worse today! Still, a draw's not impossibe.

Do email about your 'poposition'; I'm cricketingworld(at)


Mark said...

I was at the Oval test when the Sri Lankan's piled up nearly 400 in a day. Carnage on the field, and as is often the case on an Oval Saturday, carnage in the Peter May Enclosure too...!!

Tim said...

Sorry two of your emails got lost. I've now emailed you - if you didn;t get that, I'll try from a different account as it probably means that one's buggered!


The Atheist said...

Mark, you have put your finger on a good point. Watching England get repeatedly hammered requires drink to ease the pain.

Perhaps Kumar should be king...?