Monday, April 28, 2008

AYALAC pledges its undying loyalty to the people of China

Today, we’re all snazzed up. AYALAC has acquired the use of a proper, grown up domain name. AYALAC is now registered in China.

You can access this site through the normal way, or through using the snazzy new domain name:

If you feeling either parochial, or international, depending on your perspective, you can also get in via:

In other technological news of whiz-bangery, I have re-uploaded the viddy-blog number 10, with much improved video and sound quality.

Apologies to my youtube subscribers for messing you all about with that, but this really is better. Actually, I'm not sure that it is. But, right here, right now, I'm caring less and less.


Chris said...

Where do we stand to disrupt the Olympic torch as it passes through this site then? Free Tibet and all that...

The Atheist said...

Well, once we back China, we lose all freedom of conscience. Only our superiors can think for us now.

So, as regards to the Olymic torch, we must join our comrades in arms, and beat the crap out of those protesting hippy tools of Western imperialism.