Monday, April 21, 2008

Video 10: Incredible Sehwag, The

My rather late honouring of Virender Sehwag's recent achievements.

YouTube really butchered the sound quality of this one. I tried to upload a uncompressed version, but all was in vain. So, sorry for that. You are welcome to come to my house and watch the original.

Also, for those of you in the third world (France) I have uploaded this film to my Daily Motion page. (I'll try to upload the rest when I have time, too.)



Straight Point said...

it seems that smith cant keep his mouth shut even in your viddys... ;-))

great work as usual!!

Cat Burglar said...

Ok, I'll come to your house and watch it.

Where do you live and what times of day is the house empty -sorry, I mean when is convenient?

If you want to leave me a key under the doormat, that'll be fine.

Aashrey said...


Sehwag bash Smith.

The Atheist said...

Ach. The video and sound quality is horrible.

I'll try to reload a decent version this weekend.

Sorry chaps.

Samir Chopra said...

Atheist: This is quite brilliant.

It seems to me that Sehwag must be ranked as the most Nietzschean cricketer of all - disdaining the weak, all convention, and the most prone to Dionysian frenzies.

ashi.kacheria said...

Sehwag is one of the greatest players of all time. I just loved watching him score smashing 94 runs against Deccan Chargers. I am sure that he along with rest of the daredevils is going to rock in this tournament. I was surprised to see the way they were preparing themselves before the big game. They really worked hard

Rob said...

Genius, for a moment there I thought Smith was really human...

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Hey Aethiest,

you've inspired me to take up the viddy-blogging cause.

Hopefully I win a trip for 4 to Honkers for Bledisloe 4 as a result ;)

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