Monday, April 28, 2008

Name That Bum #8

Same rules as always, you have to identify the international cricketer in the shots below. Please give you answers in the comments.

Winners will have a poem written in their honour.

Good luck, and good bumming.
Clue One
Clue Two
Clue Three

Can you...NAME THAT BUM?


Dave said...

No coloured clothing this week? Could be bloody anyone!

So...Holly Colvin?

Richard McC said...

Clue 3 is a giveaway - that's a Ricky Ponting hook shot straight to Ashley Giles on the boundary, who drops it. Got to be Ponting.

Miss Field said...

I don't think it's Punter.

If I've studied anyone's bum it's his.

Not certain, but pretty sure.

TomG said...

I'm going for Mark "fat arse" Boucher.
All keepers have fat arses due to their perpetual squatting.

miriam said...

Graeme Hick?

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's that old spud, Inzy

Suave said...

Mohammed Yousef

David Barry said...

Kamran Akmal.

Dave said...

Kumar Sangakkara?

The Atheist said...

Well done, T.

It is, indeed, the mighty Inzler.