Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clash of greens

I think we’re getting a little parochial in AYALAC. Today I will post about things that are not directly related to The England or bums.

Ireland are currently playing Bangladesh. Both sides have been categorised as “developing”, one is that top of the class kid that the bigger boys like to bully and the other is that kid who has received a few too many blows about the head with a shovel, but occasionally is capable of an amazing judo move.

For fun, try and look back at your school days, and sort yourself into one of these groups.

Unfortunately (well I am sort of half Irish) our boys in light green lost to the boys in dark green in the first ODI. Ireland had a game that can only be described as a “shocker”. They were rolled over for 185, which the Tigers chased down in fewer than forty overs and with eight wickets to spare.

The Irish have done slightly better in the second ODI, by containing Bangladesh to 246/8. Well, I say “contain”, I mean, “prevent a ravishing.” Their attack was let by Dave Langford-Smith – that’s right, he of The Ferret fame – who managed 3-43.

Sadly, there is no sign of the Bangladesh Bop, although neutrals are hoping for a “dance out” in the case of a tied game.

It is unfortunate that I have posted mid-way through the match, but as Ireland stand at 112/5, it seems as though defeat is returning to Irish shores faster than you can say “Irish stereotype.”

I could say something serious here. I could point out the huge grant that was allocated to the Irish after a hugely successful World Cup. I could mention the disappointment that followed. The abysmal county performances. The large debts that their administrators racked up. But I won’t mention any of this.

Instead I will say: Ah Jesus, t’is our boys that’s coming now. They’re the Jockey’s bollocks, to be sure.


Miss Field said...

You're a lot closer to Ireland than me. Do Irish people actually say "to be sure"? Because no matter what any tourist book says, no Australian uses the word "cobber".

David Barry said...

It's another case of a minnow doing well at a World Cup and then reverting to minnowhood. Kenya did this after their semi-final in 2003.

I do genuinely rate the talent in Irish cricket, but I wonder if perhaps they were in large part just lucky during the World Cup. Put enough minnows against Test teams, and one will have a lucky result or two.

The Atheist said...

I agree, David Barry, there is a lot of luck to the shorted format of the game. But it is the responsibility of the managements in those lucky minnows' set-up to take advantage of them.

Missy, oh yes. Irish people say it all the time. Just look at my post - and I'm half-Irish.

Miss Field said...

Aren't the Irish team made up significantly with Australians? Of course they're talented!

Actually I'd like to see them kick the collective English arse, would you do a vid of that, seeing as you're half Irish?

The Atheist said...


Miss Field said...

Funny that.

Suave said...

I'm half Irish also. I like to see them beat anyone else, but when it comes to playing The England, I want to see them get smashed.

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