Monday, June 29, 2009

Cricketo con cojones

My copy of's excellent new book has gone missing. As have my credit cards. Recently, I received some smug photos of Madrid sent to me anonymously.

Here's booky enjoying the sites outside the Plaza de toros de Vistalegre. He loves watching firey bulls going hard at it.

He then goes to see Carlos IV to exhibit himself at the Real Palacio de Madrid. Bastard.

It's an unknown fact that loves views of massive cranes in actions. Bored of the culture, young booky catches some hot chocolate with churros.


A P Webster said...

That book has taste - churros (or Xurros as they call 'em in Barcelona)are one of the finest snacks known to man.

miriam said...

oh my god I love churros

jrod said...

My book has better taste then I do. No real surprise there.