Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What’s Australian for “rubbish”?

Australians, being a crude bunch, offer the English speaker a variety of terms to express disapproval.

Now, with the recent invasion of Ozzy finest into England, the Antipodean idiom is introducing these phrases to the British.

Let us look at some of these new words:

Nathan Hauritz (verb): to spin uselessly in a confused dither.

Michael Hussey (noun): a tired, redundant knacker whose productive life has passed.

Brad Haddin (verb): to drop.

Brett Lee (noun): Michael Hussey.

Ricky Ponting (noun): a sort of nasty dog-thing native to Australia, that looks ugly, smells worse and finds itself misdirecting other dogs.

Stuart Clark (noun): Brett Lee.

Giles Ashley (adverb): performing better than the entire Australian nation at spinning.


Fiona said...

is this the best you can offer?

I don't suppose much more can be expected of a nation of inbreeds. Can't think what else could account for such feeblemindedness

Dave said...

"Brad Haddin (verb): to drop."

See also: Matt Prior