Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wisden about town

I have been recently informed that The Wisden Cricketer has published another piece of mine. This was the first I'd heard of it, so acquired the latest edition first thing in the morning.

I was feeling generous. So, I offered a temporary work experience position to the magazine. It could shadow for the day, and learn the ropes of being me.

Here we are at the start of the journey. Angry at the morning commute.

The magazine's getting into the swing of things - just look at those eyes.

8 o'clock. On the District Line. And sure enough: there's my piece. I forgot I wrote that. Happy days.

I wonder whose shoe that is?

Towards the end of the journey, I realise there's a large piece on my favourite topic: Matthew Hoggard. Look at the handsome fellah.

It's lunchtime. I decide to take Hoggy with me. We head down the King's Road.

We go to look for sandwiches. The Hoggler spots some nice shoes.

And pants.

After a honest day's work is complete, it's time to rush home.

And reward ourself with a lovely cup of tea.


Catherine said...

You're absolutely right, Hoggard does look very handsome in that picture. Good for him.

Jrod said...

I don't think he was very happy with being with you, look at his face.

Miriam said...

Which shop are those shoes in, please?

The Atheist said...

JRod, Matthew Hoggard was wearing his "ruggedly handsome" face. All the best models have one.

Miriam, sorry, I'm afraid The Hoggo bought the last pair. If it's any consolation, he looks fantastic in them.