Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cricketers and their train stations

Many people have noticed the stark resemblance between certain members of the England cricket team and stations on the London Underground. At long last, here is a reference for those seeking confirmation of suspected similarities.

Richmond - Alastair Cook
Nearest tube stop to Twickenham. Nearing perfection, but not quite there.

Mansion House – James Anderson
Although it’s in a poncey area, you can’t help but look at this station and think “why does this exist?”

Paddington Station – KP

A bit too flashy at times, especially with its dubious high-level refurbishment, but with its impressive and far-ranging reach it is undoubtedly on of the best stations in the city. Although, it’s foreign connections are a bit suspicious.

High Barnet – Ryan Hairybottom
A bit scruffy around the edges, but generally does the trick. However, it’s a bit too Northern for my liking.

Clapham Common – Andrew Flintoff
With its exotic residents, generous park and fruity nightlife, this deprived gem offers an old round experience to those tempted to slum it. Although, wandering around, you can see why the locals take to so much drink.

Pudding Mill Lane – Monty
Promises more than it serves. Doesn’t deliver you to a great areas and needs to do more to distinguish itself.

Fenchurch Street Station – The Hoggler
An excellent deliverer, with a superb track record. A bit old, a bit boring, but always gets you there in the end. Although, it is irritatingly and inexplicably not connected to the broader London Underground Network.

Gare du Nord – Darren Pattinson
Many commentators have noted how much this station looks like Robocop.


Jrod said...

If you really wanted to offend eyelids robocop you should have compared him to Dandenong station.

Unknown said...

Cook: Camden Town - where his eye makeup will be in tune with the local punk scene

Harmy: Mornington Crescent - great station to look at... when it's open, which is hardly ever.

Vaughan: Shoreditch - closed and due to be replaced with a new station soon

Strauss: Southfields - where all South Africans go before they move out to Raynes Park to save more pounds.

Ambrose: Shepherds Bush, probably drinking snakebites in the Walkabout.

Jrod said...

Still haven't had a snake bit this time in London, I may lose my passport.

SixSixEight said...

I was going to chime in with - but who is Camden Town! Bloody Hell - Yes! Eyeliner Boy - there are plenty of Goths!

The Atheist said...

Cracking stuff, Moses. I wandered whether Morington Crescent really existed, but it just turned out to be a joke.

JRod, don't.

Unknown said...

Take it from me that Mornington Crescent does very much exist, I worked across the road from it for over 2 years.

Lost count of how many times I've walked there from Euston or Camden, Euston is of course closer but they don't tell you it's closed until you get there.

@Jrod, Snakebite is your one stop on the budget path to not only getting blind drunk, but destroying your teeth and thus gaining better experience of being English.