Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kiwis batter Irish

It feels like I'm blogging on the World Cup again.

Only I'm not so fucking happy.

The New Zealanders (the team that everyone decided were rubbish) recorded the largest ever ODI victory margin over the Irish (the team that everyone decided were rubbish, but said they were great anyway). The difference between the two sides was 290 runs.

Things started off for the Kiwis in a rather rosey fashion. The openers knocked out 266 for the first wicket. After this loss, the Black Caps' Crazy Shoes started to do some talking, and they cracked out 17 runs an over for the remaining 46 balls.

In response the Irish went "Oh no," and opted for village cricket's tried and tested method of accepting the defeat and racing to the pub. Which, in fairness, was an objective the Green Gaps were wholly successful in achieving: they were bowled out for 112 in 29. The leading scorer was a Mr Extras, with 83.

Michael Mason is still having difficulties in placing the ball in the right county.

Kyle McCallan, the Irish captain, commented on many of the Irish players' controversial assualts on the Kiwians:

"Well, we have a young side, to be sure, but our real problem is finding players who understand the rules of the game. But, let's be honest, who seen Brena McCullum's face and not wanted to re-arrange it with a hurling stick?"


CricketGod said...

Thanks for that info. I am bit busy and was not able to check this match.

But one thing sure nothing is impossible other then impossible.

Let see other team blowing some low ranked team

The victory is surely good but it again tells us what difference is lying between two countries till now.

The poor cricket will not help Cricket go up. Please ICC put some restriction on such matches.

Dave said...

The Scotland game on Thursday should be interesting, if only for headlines along the lines of "Scotland battered like a Mars Bar".

CricketGod said...

i even remember a match when one team got allout on 11 but it was of women.

It would be have been with more margin but sucks, they batted first and imposed total of 11.

Jrod said...

Those cocky Irish had it coming.

The Atheist said...

There was a village team in England that was bowled out for 0 a few seasons ago.

Their name was "England".

CricketGod said...

@ TA


Som said...

I proposed roping in shrinks to help the Irish overcome the trauma of their life. Is ICC listening?

Hey, adding you to my blogroll, mind adding mine?