Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Younis Khan looks good

Not in that way, but in a I’m-going-to-get-lots-of-runs-and-win-a-match way.

You see, Pakistan’s cricket team, home of the Lesser Spotted Younis Khan, is playing India. They play each other a lot. They’re neighbours, you see; saves on plane fees.

India, in fairness, did alright in their innings. A solid opening partnership, followed by a timely lower order fifties allowed the Indians to hit 308 runs from their innings. Although this isn’t a New Zealanian score, it is highly defendable.

Then the OMG-WE’RE-RUBBISH!!1/OMG-WE’RE-AMAZING!!1 Pakistan casually knocked off the runs with the loss of only two wickets and with five overs remaining.

Misbah-ul-Haq and some bloke I’ve never heard of eased half fifties each. Younis tossed off a century.

Bish bash bosh. Simple stuff. Cricket’s easy. La la la.

In their next match, Pakistan will lose by twelve wickets with 34.5 overs remaining. Some effigies will also be burnt. And the world will look on, wondering whether Andy Murray will ever go away.

It, alas, seems doubtful.

In other, more interesting news, my impending Indian holiday is cracking on apace. Bought some travel books: E.M. Forster and William Dalrymple. Can anyone recommend any other Indian books?

Also, anyone recommend any things to do? Currently, we plan to sit in our rooms; occasionally looking out the window.


Miriam said...


A Suitable Boy
Q and A
Autobiography of an Unknown Indian

Anonymous said...

In spite of the Gods - Edward Luce

The Atheist said...

Ah, cheers chaps.


Anonymous said...

Anything by Anita Desai or Salman Rushdie....

Ceci said...

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's novels - Out of India, Heat and Dust

CricketGod said...

well no idea about books. I have allready many books of management and dont want any book now or nor to recommend any book.

The stats says younis and that fellow opener butt are superb against India. Indian bowler were just miserable against them.

What i think they are missing is a genuie fast bowler and a nofty Harbhajan. Piyush didn't seems to proving himself may be because of unexperienced.

Should we not call back Balaji, Nehra and so Zaheer Khan, who have proved to be match winner in those days when there place was secure.

Seems it all to be deal by Chairman and not me

Som said...

There is something about the Indian attack that sets Younis' tongue wagging. The old bogeyman never ceases to plunder runs against India.

Jrod said...

Bunker 13.

John said...

Did you see Piyush bowl Yousuf around the legs? Singular bright spot for India, I thought.

Read the books of R K Narayan. And Suitable Boy is a classic.

CricketGod said...

i think indian bowl more at leg side which made easier for younis to go on the on side with a sweep or lofty short over the mid wicket.

The Atheist said...

Wow. Lots of suggestions there.

Thanks very much, chaps! I'll need a another holiday to get through that lot.

Not a bad idea, that.