Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh, what's the point?

Putting in the opposition, rather like farting in the shower whilst not alone, is rarely advisable. This is the schoolboy error that Sri Lanka made in the first match in their series against Australia.

Australians being the predictable buggers that they are, set about crushing the Lankans for their naivety, with Phil “I’m not as shit as you hoped” Jacques scoring exactly 100 runs. Which, frankly, is just showing off.

Another error was dropping Lasith Malinga for some useless goon who reckons bowling with leather pants on constitutes good swinging. No, people of Sri Lanka, Malinga is great. He bowls really fast and gets wickets. This is a good reason to select him. Really.

God, it’s so depressing when Australia win. Sri Lanka are such a good side, they don’t deserve to be crushed like this. Oh Jesus, give me some mercy from this endless drudgery of bastardly hegemony! Just break one, tiny little leg somewhere please. Just one more rogue ball…

In other news, Muttiah Muralitharan bowled well. Which is great because Australians hate him. I know, that’s like hating Jimmy, your nephew’s adorable hamster, but that’s what they’re like over there. However, the Ausslers employed the tried and tested strategy of blocking the good bowler, whilst murdering the rest. Thankfully, they treat the weird-eyed wizard with respect these days.

In another hilarious development, all the people that take photographs of people playing cricket in Australia have been banned. Why this is, I have no idea, but it makes life difficult for us bloggers who rely on innocent internet theft for pictures to liven up an otherwise dreary entry. So I decided to go for this one. It almost looks genuine. It is, in fact, Graeme Hick celebrating his 16 at the Wanderers in 1995.


Moses @ Beer&Sport said...

G'Day Atheist,

I managed to 'smuggle' a few pics out of the gabba by pausing the telly and taking a quick snapshot..

Great innings by Jaques, Vaas had the ball swinging around a mile and chucker was getting a decent amount of turn even from his flatter deliveries on day 1 at the gabba. Lucky they don't have a Sydney test as he could be a handful there.

Not sure if you saw my comment in your Ather's stats article, anyways I wrote a reply for ya:


Jrod said...

Not only did they send Asutralia in, Mahela then said he was happy with the way they played. 3 wickets for the day. Nice effort lads, if we keep that up we'll be batting by the first drinks break on day four.

Moses @ Beer&Sport said...

mind you he's not the first captain to regret winning the toss in Brisbane...