Monday, December 21, 2009

Are England the most annoying side in the world?

Outside of the imagination of charmed yanks and the patronising guffaws of continentals, the English are not much liked in this world. Populated by arrogant, pompous, humourless po-faces that are much deserved of pull to reality and a punch in the mush.

English see themselves differently. Wrongly still, but differently.

English see themselves essentially as Tintin. A tiny, yet powerful, hero, battling against the overwhelming injustice and certain defeat. Although he’s never going to change the world (well, at least for the good) he can maybe grind-out a reasonable compromise with the local chieftain to only eat half of Tintin’s friends.

It’s when England drudge-out a draw that these perspectives collide. For Englanders, snatching a non-result from the jaws of defeat is the pinnacle of sporting achievement. It’s sort of a win without the guilt.

For everyone else, it represents that smug, lazily, aristocratic line of “well, we will only try if we really have to” is infuriating. If you are going to try to win, win. If you are going to lose, for Christ’s sake lose.

With Australians, it’s straight-forward hatred through jealousy. With South Africans, it’s straight-forward hatred.

With the English, it’s complex. Heck, they’re rubbish. They never go anywhere. They have a few interesting characters. But Christ, can’t they all just go to hell?


Purna said...

Are England the most annoying side in the world?


Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

England the most annoying side in the world? Not for me.

Shane Watson's behaviour last week, was that annoying? Yes it was.

As was Brad Haddin pointing his bat at Sulimann Benn and giving him a mouthful, he's another annoying arrogant git.

Haddin should have been banned for his conduct.

Don't blame Johnson for backing his team mate though.

As for South Africa, they are the most boring side for me.

England are interesting from the point of view that there is always a crap bowling performance or batting collapse just around the corner.

Although Stuart Broad is starting to get on peoples nerves with his questioning of umpires, and stealing other countries players is also very annoying.

Maybe England are up there after all.

Anonymous said...

You're a silly bigot.

Paresh said...

Seems u are very much against England!

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

@ Anonymous

Who is a silly bigot?

Great response anyway, very constructive.

Anonymous said...

What a heap of shit that post was.

And TinTin is from Belgium

horatius said...


You haven't really made it as a big bad blogger like UncleJ until you get a non-anonymous resident troll. Keep on trucking.

The Atheist said...

"What a heap of shit that post was.

And TinTin is from Belgium"

My favourite comment so far.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, horatius, I quite enjoy mindless insults, though. If you want real abuse, though, I advise you to upload a youtube video.

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