Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The big three compared

OK – final note on stats, I promise. So, I have looked at data relating to the test match performance of Australia, India and South Africa.

First off, I have made an index of the three teams performances over the past five years, with 1 January 2005 being 100.
Still Australia beat the pants off the other two still, holding a commanding +10 margin over India and South Africa.

But, as Fred the commenter mentioned yesterday, perhaps this overstates their performances for the last two years. So, here’s the same graph, with the index starting on 1 January 2008.

In this graph, Australia have made next to no progress in the last two years. Whereas the other two, especially South Africa, have increased their score.

Interestingly, since May 2009 South Africa have been in relative decline, whereas India have been unmoved since then, saved for a slight increase in the past few months. By my calculations, this means that they are about tied with South Africa, by the ICC’s reckoning, India are the undisputed champions of the world!!11!!1!!

What this means for online sports betting is anyone's guess.


AS said...

Oh come now. The ICC points have India ahead by virtually nothing - so its just as much a dead heat as your spreadsheets suggest.

No one - even the ICC- is saying India are the'undisputed' anything - they happen to be a tad ahead of everyone else on one points system, and may well be a tad behind a few months from now.

Anonymous said...

Atheist, you have too much time on your hands :-) but since you've done it, I prefer the first graph.

Rishabh said...

I agree with AS. There is still some time for India to show if they can easily dominate the rankings.