Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First post on the upcoming ASDA Ashes

Would you believe, I have never written a post about the Ashes before? Or, as us mis-typers occasionally call them, the Arses.

Now that the rubbish is cleared out of the way, we can focus on the issues of genuine global importance.

After a rather vulgar tournament that shamelessly displayed skill, high drama and international enthusiasm, we can return to reality with an anachronistic context between some rubbish teams. A return to old days, where simple pleasures were to be found in honest forward defensives and half-hour ducks.

The battle between the fading giants of yore - admittedly, England have been fading since 1785 - will electrify a world that surely has not had enough of the continual gush of gushing, over-hyped mega-matches. “More meaningless minnow mega-matches” says the world.

But the Arses is not about ability, tradition or pride. No. It´s about the children - our children - who surely are our best hope for future non-Indian commercial opportunities. Cricket, after all, is about portfolio diversification.

One Indian spectator recently revealed to me in an exclusive interview:

“I don´t know why ya chattin´ to me, mate. I don´t speak a word of English, mate.”

A similar sentiment was spouted by the Australian Cricket Board. No one listens to the English Cricket Board, however.

Game on.


Anonymous said...


Next Monday 29th June, Barnes CC in London will host the ultimate pre-Ashes encounter: The Village Cricketer's English All Stars v the Cricket with Balls Aussie Code of Conduct XI.

Starting at 3.30pm, its a 30:30 match to raise funds and awareness for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign, part of the Institute of Cancer Research.

More information is available on the game here:

And donations can be made here: http://www.justgiving.com/thevillagecricketervcricketwithballs/

Also, please be aware that Jrod, the big cheese of Cricket with Balls, is still looking for Aussies (or pretend Aussies) to make up his side. Anyone fancying a game should email cwb@cricketwithballs.com

We'd be really grateful for a plug for the match if possible.


The Village Cricketer

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