Friday, April 17, 2009

When the chins stalk the land

There are some things that you forget about home when living abroad for a bit. The care-free charm of London buses drivers or total coverage of train carriages' interiors with stickers telling you what to do: I counted 26 within view on the 00:05 from Liverpool Street the other night.

However, strange things also happen when you leave the place unattended. For instance, people are surprised when they discover that politicians scheme and Graeme Swann becomes the countries premier spinner.

What the hell has happened to the place?

What has happened? I’ll tell you.

The chins have taken over.

Observe. Andy “The Zim Chin” Flowers:

Graeme “Likable Lineament”, known to cause fear and envy across the land when his captain orders Swann to fire up his weapon with the words “chin up!”, is also worth a look:

Anyway, the twin peaks recently chimed together to produce some interesting chin music.

“So, we’re aliens? What you going to do about it, you jawless flannel?”

Of course, not only are both their chins Danishesque in their jut, but both are also afflicted by foreignness. As respected Nazi scientists have long pointed out: the foreigner is a malformed, weird looking creature. They won’t mind that I said this, though, they can take it on the chin.

Having the second Zimbabwean coach of the team in under a decade has had the ECB slightly embarrassed by its Double Zim look.

Don’t get dishearted, the future for England looks bright. Keep your chin up.


Lisa said...

Is Northampton classed as foreign now? Explains all the Kolpakers at the County Ground

The Atheist said...

No one backs me on this one, but I'm telling you, people, Swann is about as English as the Royal family.

Look at his name, for Phil's sake.

Ceci said...

Thre are millions of the buggers over here AYLAC!

They appear to have colonised the Midlands