Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPL: The disappointment begins again

Just like that faint, building dread that worries the nervous system towards late November, you can now add April’s IPL woes alongside the annual yuletide dread to your calendar of ennui and fear.

I suppose that I have to do some reporting on it. But, to be honest, I’m rather hoping that the entire IPL thing will do a Stanford.

Well. Here we go. As if you cared, some people cocked up in today’s exciting twentytwinklies. These were, in no particular order:

- Andrew Flintoff
- Kevin Pietersen
- The entire Rajasthan batting line-up.

In fact, singling out the “English” “stars” in the IPL for unfair criticism may be one way of clawing back some interest out of this cynical, brainwashing exercise.

But there was no exciting razzmatazz as there was last year's opening games. It's just a lot of old blokes living our their middle age fantasy. It’s like watching a Star Wars film without at least twenty shots of deactivated light sabres rolls harmlessly away from reach.

Yeah. I hate the whole thing. And everything else.

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Ceci said...

Oh dear AYALAC - sorry for the nicely restrained site - and for absolutely loving the complete tackiness that is the IPL. Can't much be bovvered with the English players (by which I mean fathead Penis Tree for I quite like Fred and Bop). I've loved today's second match - with Fidel Edwards trying to give Chris Gayle the evils, and Rohan Sharma and Gibbs outdoing each other with ace fielding - and I loved Darren Gough being less than complimentary when it suited him about just about anyone. Fab
Torn between the Delhi Daredevils and the Deccan Chargers... and Scott Styris's hair gets worse and he now is porky... just so much to love