Monday, October 27, 2008

Bit of England beaten by the rest of England

The Allen Twatford league has started recently.

The “All-stars” (containing, by my count, exactly two stars) beat Trinidad and Tobago (who have three stars).

Middlesex, spurred on by its greatest member, Twickenham, only just lost to the bullying efforts of all the rest of England combined. You might say that it was unfair. So, being the failed statistician that I am, I would like to correct the imbalance using mathematics.

Middlesex is 282 square miles and its population totals 1,576,636, of whom 738,904 are males.

England, on the other hand, is 50,351 square miles, with a population of 49,138,831 (let’s say 49% of them are male: 24,078,027).

England is 179 times bigger than Middlesex, and 32 times more populace (in terms of males).

So, using high level statistical theory that none of you would understand, we can adjust for this difference, to reveal the actual result:

England (122) lost to Middlesex (19,511) by 19,389 runs.

Not only did the London side surpass the England score with ease, but that added nearly twenty thousand more runs just for good measure.

This, I think we’ll all agree, is a much more accurate way of measuring the relative disparities in sides, and should be rolled out to all real statisticians forthwith.


Park said...

A great effort by Middlesex. Added to Australia's win by 24219 runs in the second test in India it has been a great week for the underdogs (I am not sure why India declared 13689 runs behind in the second innings). Unfortunately Bangladesh still can't get a win under the new scoring system.

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Oh dear, you've bought up populations, don't you know New Zealanders read this blog?

And Australians.

D Charlton said...

How many runs to England need to score to beat T&T tonight - before a ball is bowled?

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piyushkuls said...

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