Sunday, September 28, 2008

Northern Monkies steal Championship

No one saw it coming. Not even God.

Especially not God.

But Durham pipped Nottinghamshire at the post yesterday, beating them, and Somerset, to be crowned First Ever Pikies To Win Anything.

So congratulations are in order to the Peoples of the North. There are some redeemable features there.

In more interesting news. I am sitting in a minimalist apartment in Berlin. It’s a bit rubbish, but I’m moving in with an Australian tomorrow. God alone knows what will happen. And, as we’ve already established, He’s rarely a reliable guide.

I ordered my first ever meal in German today. Felt very proud. Only, I didn’t feel so clever when I could specify how cooked I’d like my steak, so they provided it traditional German tough as old boots style.

“Das war gut” lied I.

Rubbishness is the theme of my move it seems.

So far, little sign of cricket in Germany. Rest assured however, when I find it, and I will find it, you will hear of its existence first.

[In other mad news, blogger’s gone all German on me. Ooh eer missus.]


Anonymous said...

You know the Bearded Wonder is president or somesuch role, of the Duetsche Cricket Board.

Send a question to him via TMS.

Damith S. said...

Congrats to Durham and the peeps of the north and on your move.

Living with an Aussie should be good material for many a post.

SixSixEight said...

It had to happen!

So start plotting your revenge now!

Anonymous said...

Durham = Excellent.

The Atheist said...

Durham = suprisingly lucky, for people born up North