Friday, September 26, 2008

Name That Bum #16: Answer

Well, I have been stunned and shocked alike in this week's Name That Bum.

I thought I'd picked the the hardest one of all time, and then along come a Mister D. Barry, and ruins all those evil plans of mine. The answer was, of course, Steve Tikolo.

David Barry's first guess hit the mark. Made almost immediately, he correctly answered the hardest Name That Bum in history. So difficult was this week's bum, that there was virtually no other entrants.

The only explanation for this is witchcraft. David Barry, you are clearly a witch.

Tune in next week, to reveal more blogging demons and see if you can.... NAME THAT BUM.


Jrod said...

I could say tikolo all day long.

Anonymous said...

David Barry truly is the bummers' bummer. He looks like this mind, so it's no surprise:

XYZ said...

Hi Friends,

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David Barry said...

I was pretty sure that the colour was one of the old Kenyan uniforms. Then I just picked the most famous Kenyan.

Ceci... uhhh... thankyou. You have a very strange mind.

Anonymous said...

So it's associates bums now? I'm putting in a pre-emptive guess for next week on Sluggo.