Thursday, September 11, 2008

Graham Pooch

There once was an animal that attracted so many Google hits, that his shameless creator couldn’t help but capitalise on the surprisingly viral market. Today we look at the life and works of Graham Pooch.

As a young pup he learnt his trade in the Kent Kennels.

He developed a reputation for a tough, dogged approach, which won him favour with the local top dogs.

He was eventually selected for the English Shepdogs. First, he was sent in for night-watch duty, but he began in paw form.

Later, he enjoyed the many runs and walks that came his way. He was insatiable – like a dog with a bone. This was rewarded with his elevation to leader of the pack, a position in which he used to expunge cattish players.

Now he is an old dog, relegated to sniffing around the fringes. But his bark is worse than his bite as he is liable to bite off more than he can chew.


Anonymous said...

In addition to being an ace setter of bum-puzzling you're also a dogged retriever of canine punfun. Terrierific!

Anonymous said...

When called upon to showcase his medium pace bowling I believe Graham always licked his balls first.

The Atheist said...

It was a family-friendly post, and then Mel's carnal references threw a spaniel in the works.