Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Number Two Aims to Gun Down Opponents

That’s right. Currently second place Somerset are still on target to smash all those who stand in their way to take the County Championship.

In a recent statement, Somerset captain Justy Langer said,

“What’s the difference between Somerset and a homicidal transvestite hell-bunt on destroying on particular Midlands counties and the world more generally? Lipstick.”

However, recent years have provided controversy. Although it is content to enjoy rural isolation, it has been thrust into national awareness through uncertainty in the current climate. Indeed, many of Somerset’s off-spring have been caught up in unfavourable attention in recent times.

The glamorous county is currently engaged in a tussle with Durham, a frosty wasteland of limited note. The battle has seen fierce support fro Somerset’s fanatical and slightly frightening fans, who have been heard chanting,

“Drill them! Drill them! Drill them! We want to drive large, fuel inefficient cars over them!”

This might seem a little jingoistic, but frankly Durham are on a bridge to nowhere. Somersetians are generally pro-life, except when they have guns, in which case, they think it’s fine to cause havoc.

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Lisa said...

Or you could rely on the racism of the public, let Durham get elected and then wait for them to die from a reoccurrence of skin cancer to take the Championship despite being deeply unqualified and bally scary. [Ginger? With all that sun. Melanoma waiting to happen.]

Moneywise, since you were fired you really ought to sign-on and suckle at the teat of The Man for a bit. Take advantage of being sacked, thus eligible for JSA immediately, unlike some people who resigned in a fit of pique and had to use up all their savings and now really need to get a job, sharpish, but will have to lie majorly to cover what they've been doing with their life - nothing - in the interim. *whistling*

Ankit said...

Hey there,

I saw that you had Six and Out ( in your blogroll. This is just to bring to your notice that Six and Out has been retired and The Free Hit ( has taken its place. Its by the same author – Ankit (thats me).

Please make the change in the blogroll.


SixSixEight said...

Erm... your lot let Chanderpants get some runs. Indeed Durham have 2 whole batting points so far, this constitutes a glorious victory for the batting collapse side!

In this one the big guns are with Durham. But you get to do the bikini clad rain-dance!

The Atheist said...

sixie, don't get me started on the Durham game...

I've studiously avoided reading the huge report in the paper this morning.

Oh, the pain...the pain...