Sunday, August 03, 2008

Michael Vaughan hits the fan

It’s all kicking off.

Michael Vaughan has resigned from the England test captaincy, and indefinitely stepped down from the squad. In a “me too” mood, Paul Collingwood has quit the ODI job.

In selfless move, in a way, as England probably would have guaranteed his place until Christmas, but a tacit acknowledgement that England need to think about re-building the side for the Ashes. It is unlikely that Vaughan will ever field for England again.

It also keeps England pathetic lose against the South Africans off the back pages. Handy, that.

But, given Collingwood’s oddly timed departure, you might suspect that the management are clearing a path for the Big KP. Who currently stands as the only man who can get into both teams. Perhaps Peter Moores is beginning to throw his weight around?

Although I doubt it. He’s dead fit. Hardly any weight on that string bean.

So, it’s an end to the Michael Vaughan era. Statistically, one of the most successful patches in England’s history. But you would never have guessed it if you were listen to the bloggers. Miserable moaners that complain about nothing. Not like the happy-go-lucky AYALAC. I’ve always given my undivided and fanatical support to our Michael.

A lasting legacy of Vaughan’s stay hopefully might a sane selection policy. I policy where random goons from Victoria aren’t picked for one match.

We will mainly remember him for winning the Ashes. Which he did in 2005. With some others. He may be remembered for his golden year in 2003, where he averaged over 70 and pounded all that stood against him.

He will be remembered for his grace at the crease and wonderfully flowing drives. He litters countless scorecards with pretty 30s and 40s. And a few 190s.

Michael Vaughan was an excellent England captain, that used modest resources to produce a period of dominance for England cricket that they unlikely to see again for many years.

Top work.

Cheerio Mr Captain Sir.


Catherine said...

Michael Vaughan is my hero, an excellent captain and has some of the most hilarious expressions known to man when in the field. He also has the same birthday as me. I will miss him greatly. *Sings Michael Vaughan my Lord to self*

Analphabetism said...

This is terrible news. It is clear that from early yesterday evening the media had been tipped off regarding this “shock announcement”. The idiots pushed the both of them in their insane pursuit of their “dream” candidate. Sod this I am going to start following table tennis…

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

for mine his tenure will be remembered with two words...

EPIC FAIL. Thanks Suave.

btw, I'm looking forward to the KP identity.

Miss Field said...

I hear ya Moses!

Straight Point said...

...England captain, that used modest resources to produce a period of dominance...

is it coincidence that last date to apply nz's coach is 4th aug?

Miss Field said...

Are you coping?

The Atheist said...

Anal, you might be right to turn to ping pong - at least the Chinese don't disappoint the elbows off you.

Missy, it’s hard to cope when the ECB is deliberately driving you into an early grave. WHY OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY