Monday, July 07, 2008

Sri Lanka: good, but not good enough to earn a visit from AYALAC

The Sri Lankans know they are my favourite side. And they play up to it.

Knowing that I spurned their lovely country in favour of their much bigger and probably smellier neighbour, they decided to Stick It To The Man, and beat India in the final of the “fixed” Asia Cup Final.

Their victory was principally due to the twizling efforts of their new spinner: Ajantha Mendis.

Everyone is going mental at how brilliant he is. Kingo praises his carrom ball, Q thinks he's good, but not as good as Rodger Federerer, Martyd thought it all rather pretty, Ankit thought him magical, JRod tells us all to calm down and that his mum is better.

So, I’m not going to talk about him. He has been grubbed by the hands of many bloggers before me.

But what I will pick out is a key even that I only saw. This event was the turning point of the match. The mark of no return for my holiday destination and the unseen triumph of the Lankans.

It came in the twelve over in the Indian’s innings. I’ll take cricinfo’s commentary of the moment.

Vaas to Dhoni, no run, cuts away after landing on a length, pushed to covers.

From that point on, the Indians were screwed. Poor blighters.

Right. I’ve got my visa and passport and stuff, so I’ll be off on Wednesday. Not sure if I’ll update before then, or whether I’ll bother posting whilst in India.

But, if I don’t do anything these things, best of luck surviving over the next few weeks without me.

Don’t get Dengue.


Ceci said...

Bring us back a stick of rock please.

Dave said...

At least you weren't leaving earlier, or you'd have missed Sluggo's 10 wickets against Canada.

Jrod said...

Watch out for the sex cults.

martyd said...

Take lots of pics, I am tiring of Messrs Getty and AFP. Oh and don't worry about the sex cults, they have all moved to Melbourne.

Q said...

Have a fun trip. Ive heard it beautiful!

Miriam said...

You're missing out not going to SL. But have a lovely time.

John said...

Have a brilliant one, Ath.

Ankit said...

i just always get carried away...just