Saturday, July 05, 2008

The curse of our times

The only problem of having an insane amount of work to do, to the point when you are still at your desk until late on Friday night and looking forward to another weekend in the office, is that other distractions lurk.

Take, for instance, facebook. As a snooty and generally disagreeable kinda guy, I looked down on facebook, neglecting it for years. “Rubbish” I thought.

Now, when you’re working, it is difficult to get diverted by blogging; declaring that “I am going to write a post” requires intention and commitment. I need to deliberately take time off work to compose a blog.

Facebook, on the other hand, is the silent killer of distractions. Its subtle demands orbit discretely on your peripheral awareness.

And this is bastard of a website, is slowly pulling me from my work – extending the amount of time I spend at my desk. I’m searching for people I shared maths lessons with, frantically trying to correct the inadequacy of my “friends” total.

There is some cricket activity going on there. Kinggers and Ballsers both have a following. But that’s not the point, really, is it? Its purpose is to keep you from work; to detain you indoors and away from real, actual people.

In other news, some Australians became intimately close with some other Australians.


The Atheist said...


No updates.


Ceci said...

Don't, whatever you do get sucked into playing Scrabble, or even worse, 20/20 cricket - when you find yourself battling with Aussies whose profile pics mark them out clearly as madmen, Sri Lankans whose wallposts are frankly terrifying and the entire student population of New Zealand all of whom should be STUDYING for God's sake.

Speaking of which application - I am about to sack a perfectly nice friend in my cheerleading squad and appoint you in her place - you will be "looking super hot and not wearing much"...

Neno Cricket said...

atheist working on.......