Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The greatest moment in history

Once again, AYALAC is pretty slow off the mark. Not only did Dave tell me about it yesterday, but JRod already updated the world of it.

But I don’t care. I’ve been to the pub and I bloody love Sluggo I do.

Right, this champion, this he-teddy bear of a man, this goliath amongst puny, underfed Davids, finally struts the international stage like the heaving colossus that he is.

He is.

Sluggo took ten wickets against Canada who, next to Australia, are probably one of the bestest twenty or thirty cricket sides in the whole wide solar system. The Vengeful Venus Eleven and Scary Saturn Sodomites pale into insignificance in comparison to the might and muscular resplendence of North American’s primary cricket team.

It was against this hegemonic power that Sluggo strove so manfully.

To take 5-69 in Canada’s first innings not only showed an awareness of lewd numerology, but pegged the Red Devils back to a score that was unexpectedly pisspoor.

Sluggo, sensing a moment of imperial hesitation within the ranks of his foes, launched into a furious offensive, and dispatched the Canoodians for a pittance in their next innings to record ten wickets.

He was also unbeaten at the crease.

This is the sort of one-man heroics that is worthy of at least twelve public monuments, a change in national motto and the rights to an electric grilling device.

Sluggo. If ever there were a pair of powerful, match-winning moobs in international cricket, there they are.

Have a thought for the poor Canoodling opener, though. This is how he fell in the first innings:

GEF Barnett c Foggo b Sluggo 30

Right, I’m really off to India now. See you all in Delhi, yeah?


Jrod said...

I thought you were in India, and someone had to tell the world of Sluggo.

Neno Cricket said...

Ok a new post ...

Chinaman in India.........

John said...

The Dalli. Not Delhi.

Leg Break said...

Lol; Ian Bilcliff is still the captain of Canada...

Must be approaching 40 by now. Ken Rutherford labelled him as NZ's best ever teenage batsman about 20 years ago.

Which was basically a dig at MD Crowe.

Ruined Bilcliff too.