Thursday, June 19, 2008

Name Those Man Boobs: Answer

I was blown away to Lisa's stonking moob performance yesterday. Correctly identifying the man boobs of all three cricketers.

The answers were...
All natural man boobs.

Hey hey, we're the moobies.

Pasty man boobs, with light covering of ginger fluff.

Lisa's prize, moob connoisseur that she is, is well deserved:

Sadly, no one got the Bonus Boob, who was, of course, Graeme Smith.


Miriam said...

Lisa does deserve something for her guess for the Bonus Boobs, as she said "Kallis or someone equally repulsive".

Lisa said...

Yay! Winner!

I must have seen the Hayden and Cook pictures and subconsciously taken them - or have an instinct for Moobs.

Damn on the Bonus Boob though - went for the wrong squidgy sausage-fingered Saffer

Lisa said...

Ooh. Forgot for say thanks for The Masterpiece.

Muchos gracias Atheist

Lisa said...

I've just noticed a Freudian slip in my first comment: "taken them IN".

Of course I didn't take them. I don't stalk cricketers waiting for them to take their tops off - No Siree Bob. That would be SICK! [Especially the Hayden and Smiff ones]

The Atheist said...

It's alright, Lisa, you're amongst friends here.

We understand.

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