Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Name Those Man Boobs

A bit of a change this week.

In stead of the usual, Name That Bum, I'm introducing a new competetion.

I will show you three different Man Boobs, and you tell me to whom they all belong.

Good luck and good boobing.
Man Boobs 1
Man Boobs 2

Man Boobs 3

Bonus Boobs

This one is probably impossible, but if you get it, you will be deified.



Miriam said...

It should be "Name Those Moobs".

Lisa said...

Have been tempted out of lurking by The Moobs:

1) Cook - it looks like one of those Cosmo shots and I reckon it's Eyeliner Boy over Broad or Anderson

2) Hayden - he seems like he'd be hairy

3) Collngwood? - Paleness makes me think ginger..

Bonus: Kallis or someone equally repulsive

martin said...

I second Cook for 1 and Collingwood for 3. I think 2 looks Indian: Tendulkar?

For the bonus: Merv Hughes? (Complete guess).

Jrod said...

So very disturbing.

Yet I can't look away.

mel said...

1. is definitely Cook (Stuart Broad's nipples are smaller, and Jimmy's chest a bit hairier)

3. is definitely Colly

(I may, er, have both of those photos already stashed in the bowels of my pc.....)

Q said...

1. Alistair Cook
2. Ravi Bopara
3. Paul Collingwood

D Charlton said...

You have gone too far this time A. This is in bad taste. I abhor it.

Cook, M Clarke, Collingwood, Hayden

Now i feel disgusted with myself

Miriam said...

Nipple man are we, Jrod?

Ceci said...

Cook, Kallis cos there's droop there, Colly - I've shopped nipple tassels on that chest - and Cap'n Vaughan?

The Atheist said...

Outstanding boobing by Lisa.

This week's champion!