Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sehwag Smash!

Once again, AYALAC inspires great feats of near super-human achievements.

After watching my latest viddy-blog, Virender Sehwag was overheard to have said,

“The video quality is a bit shaky, but by crickey, that has inspired me!”
He went on to biff an unbeaten 94 from 41 balls. This is not normally the sort of cricket I approve of; I prefer it when those figures are reversed. Better still if they are reversed, debited, credited and multiplied by the residual value,

Now there’s some spanking cricket.

But, for Sehwag, I make exceptions. You can mercilessly biff anyone like, Viru, even England (but not Somerset). And he accepted my offer, and used the opportunity to single-handedly win the match.

There seems to be a developing pattern to these IPL games. Each match has had some bloke go mental. The side with the mental bloke wins, it seems. Rather like rolling the dice, you might think… I know the truth.

By the way, you may, or may not have heard that the IPL, in a bid to extend public affection for them further, has banned the publishing of images taken at the matches onto the internet.

This is where AYALAC comes into its own. Not only do I paint you an original artwork straight from my creative consciousness to your puny, underpowered computer, but this is the only source on the internet where you can see, nay feel, the unfolding action of the IPL.

You are certainly lucky. Luckier than most. The rest don’t have AYALAC, and oh how they suffer.


miriam said...

There was one Andrew Symonds over that I particularly enjoyed. It was proper biff-smash-pow-bang-thunk-whamm.

John said...

no miriam, it was numerical perfection - 464646

John said...

Also Atheist, next time you put up wonderful artwork, maybe you might want to consider whether the match was played under lights.

Straight Point said...

actally he wanted to tell this help line number to symonds (464646) bt didn't had pen with him so he thought better alternative...the scoreboard i.e.

hope roy got the hint ;-))

Jrod said...

Oh so pretty.

miriam said...

Pretty and witty (not gay).

The Atheist said...

The sun always shines on Sehwag.

Miriam, you have just quoted my favourite song ever. For some reason, I sing that to my self all the time. Especially when combing my long, golden locks in front of the mirror. I think the Annie Ross version was best.

miriam said...

I'm more an Anita than a Maria. I like the Marnie Nixon version from the film. I'm not keen on the Kiri version.