Thursday, April 03, 2008

IPL yields to Ayalac pressure

Regular readers will know that AYALAC has long campaigned against the hypocrisy of Shoaib Akhtar's continued presence in the Indian Premier League.

AYALAC has longed railed against his inclusion, despite his five-year ban issued by the PCB, which we viewed arbitrary given the BCCI’s canvassing against ICL players’ participation in other domestic competitions.

IS Bindra, a member of the IPL governing council, after reading the AYALAC’s latest post, said:
"AYALAC is quite right. The scales have fallen from our eyes. Well done The Atheist.”

And then added,

“Shoaib has been banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board, and even though they have cleared him to play for IPL, we felt that international discipline needs to be respected. If he can't play for Pakistan, how can we play him? There will be no discipline left in the game, if we play him. It will set an unwanted precedent.”

This could be interpreted as an obvious rouse to influence other boards’ stances on ICL players, but we in AYALAC would rather consider it as another success for this blog and humanity in general.

Well done me.


Miss Field said...

Good to see you leading the revolution from the front.

Your art is amazing. Do you take commissions?

Suave said...

If you need an army of ginger, ageing all-rounders, skilled in the art of decapitation, then you give me a tinkle sunshine, and I'll send Colly & Polly and the rest of the boys round.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blindman.

arjwiz said...

The only reason this isn't getting as much coverage as it otherwise would (this being the biggest cricketing controversy of the year) is because the media, along with most of the world, believes that Shoaib will be back. In all probability, he will.

Jrod said...

Arjwiz, are you saying it isn't getting much coverage, Shoaib is on every paper, which is how he likes it .