Friday, April 04, 2008

Cricket’s insidious influence reaches US

New York State, an American place, has announced that it will be establishing a state-wide school league. It is hoped that over 600 students will participate.

This is the first state-wide school league in the US. I think that there was once another league, in California, I believe (pedants, here’s your chance) but that didn’t last long.

American cricket has been in a right old mess for a while now. The United States of America Cricket Association was expelled from the ICC in March 2007, after the centrifugal force of various factions proved two much.

However, one of the most divisive members of American cricket, Gladstone Dainty, has been re-elected president, as the USACA’s ICC suspension was lifted. Hopefully, they can sort things out from here.

But the shambles of American cricket, rather reminds me of the mess that was early American communist and socialist parties. They were so divided and fragmented that Comintern frequently intervened and gave them a bollocking.

I’m not saying that cricketers are communists…I’m just pointed out a similarity.

So, the take over begins. The task that the British Empire started and lost, cricket will complete. This is it, oh my brothers. This is where we can take back America. It’s rightfully the property of the Queen, anyway, so it’s all legal.

Eventually, when cricket has penetrated every level of American society, they will set up a little national team. And we will crush them. And then we will laugh.

Although we are small people, at least we have something to live for, when cricket takes over, and yanks are still mystified by the whole thing, us cricket bloggers will be like gods. Until that point, we can just mock them.


Anonymous said...

Here's to mockery in all it's form..

Stoopid mercans, and their bally baseball.

Analphabetism said...

Who do you think would win, a Democrat XI or a Republican XI?

Miss Field said...

The Republicans, because they'd tell the Democrats that if they weren't with them they were against them, which may seem obvious enough to you or I, but for the Democrats that would bring back memories of a time of nightmares and bed-wetting episodes, and they'd scarper to play alongside the Republicans.

Silver said...

I thought the BCCI were taking over world cricket and therefore, by extension, will conquer the Septics when they accept the inevitable.

I can't see England's sphere of influence extending anytime soon.

miriam said...

I actually quite like that video. Is that wrong? If so, I don't think I want to be right.

Gurpal said...

If cricketers are all communists, does that mean the rest of use are going to be rounded up as communist sympathisers?

We should control the septics' entry: what if their steroid-induced players broke the Don's record?