Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Video 6: Cricket is interesting

Here's another for yer. This week I attempt to prove to Muggles that cricket isn't boring, but amazing on many different levels.


Miss Field said...

Awesome, once again.

I thought there was a semi-subliminal message in there somewhere at the beginning, but alas, no.

How long do they take to film?

The Atheist said...

Cheers. If you aren't aware that there are subliminal messages, then I know that I'm doing my work well.

In fact, there was a bit of a cock-up with my video software (Windows Movie Maker) does anyone know of some decent and free software that doesn't lie to you during the previews?

Missy, they take far too long to film... Sadly, I'll think my video output will take a bit of a hit once I start work.

Miss Field said...

Final Cut is fab, good luck finding a free version. I've heard Adobe have a reasonably good one... Premiere is it... maybe...

Ah yes, what is this dream job?

Suave said...

I thought this video was brilliant.

I haven't seen it yet, as youtube is banned at work.

It's never stopped me commentating before.

Tell us, oh non-believer, what is your dream job, and when do you start.

The Atheist said...

Suave, I am shocked that your work bans youtube. Shocked.

I'll leave you all to guess what a cricket blogger from Twickenham would consider to be a dream job.

Miss Field said...

Oh my God... they've offered you Ricky Ponting's spot?

Suave said...

I know..

How dare banks ban youtube.

at least they haven't banned blogger or wordpress, or I really would have to work for my wages!

You're going to be working for Cricinfo?

I've employed you as my cleaner/tea maker?

BBC sport have signed you up?

John Inverdale has died, and you'll be covering rugby in the cold, and doing some moonlighting on the cricket?

You've finally got the gig as a fluffer at Spearmint Rhino's?

Now that the King Of Soho, Paul Raymond has passed away, you're taking over the business, and will strike fear into the locals, with a reign of terror, ruling with an iron fist?

Miss Field said...

You're the English cricket team's new masseuse?

Miss Field said...

Oh how could I forget seeing as I gave you the job. I told you Suave, remember?

You're the USA team's media bloke! Welcome to the USS Cricket!

The Atheist said...

These are all excellent suggestions, but I'm afraid you are a bit cold.

This job will send the heart's of women a-flutter, it'll makes bird's wings stutter and my rivals skutter.

Suave, you ever considered a job as a recruitment consultant?

Suave said...

I have. Unfortuantely I was sacked, for only ever recommending jobs that contained an element of sports or sex.

Some people want more!

What is the world coming too?

it's political correctness gone mad, I tells ya!

Suave said...

After watching it, I can confirm that this was indeed a brilliant viddyblog.


Make poverty history, cheaper drugs!

Thanks for that, Freddie.

Bestest thing in the world.

miriam said...

EXCELLENT work, as ever. I think this is probably my favourite for the sheer variety of things it encompasses. I like the beach cricket bit.

you need more water in those flowers - they drink all the way up the stem you know.

when the baby elephant got left on the pitch for a bit longer than the rest of the herd, I thought for a minute that you were re-enacting that episode of Planet Earth which traumatised me for weeks.

Miss Field said...

Cheaper drugs? I thought it was something about sheep! Crack up.

The Atheist said...

Don't worry Miriam, no elephants were harmed during the making of this film.

The flowers did have more water than's know how it is with blokes and flowers.

miriam said...

I have insufficient experiences of blokes and flowers


The Atheist said...

Miriam, awwww. If I could make an empty internet gesture to provide you with fake e-flowers, then I would.