Thursday, March 13, 2008

Michael Vaughan and the straight one

On the past two occasions of this tour that I managed to make it past lunchtime, England lost a wicket in the first over after the break. Last night, I repeated this feat. This time, two wickets were lost in rapid succession after the interval.

I took the hint and went to sleep.

But this morning, I was mulling over a weakness in Michael Vaughan’s technique. After extensive statistical study, I have found that if you pitch a ball on a length, hitting off stump, and then ensure that the delivery does not move off the pitch or through the air, then you have an 86% chance of castling the England captain.

Indeed, of all his dismissals, Vaughan has been bowled out 23%.

Last night was no exception. Jacob Oram, what King Cricket might call an “innocuousso”, dabbed the ball on a length and the ball, without deviation, hit the top of off stump.

In an interview, Vaughan said:

"Michael Vaughan is sad. :("
Suave might analysis this as a straight “FAIL”, but honestly, what is wrong with the England captain. Why is he so vulnerable to the straight ball? How can he be so good, and yet so rubbish?


Miss Field said...

I know this is going to seem very sarcastic, but I'm genuinely interested to know... how is he good?

The Atheist said...

Oh, undeniably, Vaughan is a classy player. You just have to watch him for ten minutes, and you’ll see that he is graceful and elegant talent.

Besides, he got a few runs against the Aussies I hear.

Suave said...

Any one who averages over 40 in test cricket is "good", Missy..

He's not great, and we all know that. We don't have a single truly great player.

David Barry said...

Whenever I've seen Vaughan, he's been either good (at the very start of his England career against South Africa) or very good (against Australia).

The problem, I think, is that I'm not watching him at the moment.

He's also a really good captain, in the opinion of both Shane Warne and my Excel spreadsheet.

David Barry said...

Suave, you've got KP! He's great, or will be one day.

The Atheist said...

" We don't have a single truly great player."

Apart from Hoggy.

Miss Field said...

He averages over 40 still? I guess it's been a while between drinks.

For some reason I printed all the 02/3 Ashes stats, and I recall he did quite well. Was a while ago now though.

Is that the problem Davo... better be careful or English people will be paying you to watch.

Suave said...

David, not at the moment he's not..

His average has dropped below 50 in both forms of the game now..

Is he the new Jimmy Adams? Only time will tell..

He's also getting too English. Which basically means "all aboard the fail boat"

John said...

That innings when England lost the match against India, less than a year back, in Trentbridge was pure gold.