Saturday, March 08, 2008

English women get back to doing what they do best

Winning, that is.

Right, I’ll try to hide my post-pub posting here with a serious article on women’s cricket. England won an ODI series against New Zealand.

Once again, our sturdy gals have proved their superiority over their Antipodean counter-parts. And we have to say “hoorah”.

HOORAH for England’s 3-1 won victory.

HOORAH for Claire Taylor and her 242 runs from four innings.

HOORAH for Charlotte Edwards and her ten wickets (and 153).

England’s women, apparently, have more balls than their male equivalents, in their forcing home their advantage by ruthlessly finishing off the inferior opposition.

This is, apparently, a stereotypical outcome. I was once lectured by a drunken South African in a bar to the effect that English men were considered by the world as effeminate waifs, worthy only of contempt and ridicule.

However, on English women my reliable Saffer did not extend his professorial enquiry, but I would imagine that he would apply the reverse analysis, for comic effect. Sadly, he was sleeping face-first in the mud at the time.

In any case, England’s women are worthy of national celebration, especially considering their Ashes successes. And yet, they are universally ignored. Why is this? It’s the same game; same skills; but more attractive players – why isn’t this as popular as that show where a dolphin undresses a woman?

Anyway, let’s not leave this evening on a low:


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