Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alastair Cook nude

Yes. That's right. Naked pictures of Alastair Cook today.

Because that's what you sick people come here for!

Picture 1: Alastair Cook offering you some Champers.

Picture 2: A dignified Alastair Cook takes off his trousers in front of a camera, whilst waiter looks on, awed in respect.

Picture 3: Alastair Cook indulges himself in some streaking. A favoured past-time.

Picture 4: Alastair Cook also doubles as a part-time eye-liner fairy, friend to women everywhere.

If you are worried by the homo-erotic turn of the site, don't worry, you are not alone. I'll get back to the cricket once I have realised how rubbish I am at Paintbrush.

Until that point, it'll be perv-a-plenty!


Suave said...

bums and naked cricketers.

Sounds like the end of season bash, at North Midd CC.

How queer.

miriam said...

That's damn right. Alastair Cook should just do the decent thing and play cricket naked, expect for strategic padding, and do everybody a favour. I know it's very hard for you poor bloggers, overwhelmed by the female attention.

Miss Field said...

I'm missing out, I get nothing of this calibre. But see I'm in a no-win situation, because if I posted about Ally naked, I'd be labelled as crazy fangirl and written off. You lads will have to lead the way for me.

I love the Paintbrush work, don't ditch it... you'll be headhunted and asked to design an Olympics logo before you know it, just you wait.

Martha McDoogle said...

I'm a lady and i came here to see cooky's cock.

not your sillyness.

And you're an atheist, which means you will burn in hell.

Bloody cricket boring shits

The Atheist said...

Fantastic, Martha, if you are real, I want to thank you for the best comment we have had around here for a long time.

Others, take note.

More angry, pervy, anti-cricket and anti-me rants, please.

The Atheist said...

Wait, I just realised something else.

"I'm a lady" and "I came here to see Cooky's cock" is a brilliant juxtaposition.

Is there no end to the layers of this comments brilliance.

Surely this can't be real? I'm in tears this is so good.

Martha McDoogle said...

Sorry sunshine, that was me..

I am Martha McDoogle!

Glad you liked it though.

Miss Field said...

Good one Suave... Martha McDoogle though? You have far too much time on your hands mate.

Martha McDoogle said...

Thanks Miss-Field!

Honestly that came in about three seconds.

(that's what she said!!)

I was listening to Martha Wainwright and reading an article about a bloke called dougal.

The Atheist said...

Martha, I am disappointed in you. I thought you were real.

All my dreams are dead.

Suave said...

Sorry dear boy..

I know you were lusting after Martha after that comment..

Back to the viddyblogs for you, young sir.

The Atheist said...

"Back to the viddyblogs for you, young sir."

It's funny 'cos it's true.

miriam said...

atheist did you just search for Martha McDoogle on facebook.

The Atheist said...


How do you know these things, Miriam? It's like you an all-seeing search-queen.

miriam said...

I am a psychic witch, Atheist.

You should friend us on facebook.

Miss Field said...

He's ashamed of us!

The Atheist said...

I don't know how.

miriam said...

i am disappointed in your stalking abilities.

cost per head said...

hahaha those are not the best montages or the best example of photoshop montages, it seems they were made with Paint haha but the funny idea is still present there, thanks for the laugh!