Friday, February 01, 2008

Video 3: A tribute to Adam Gilchrist

I've wanted to get on the "Hooray for Adam Gilchrist" band-wagon for a while, but the bloody camera delivery company were so very, very crap. So, anyway, here's a bit of a rush job to say "Hooray for Adam Gilchrist".

Er...there were also some issues with the sound. Do not adjust your speakers.


Uncle J rod said...

Why am I not surprised you own a Fez?

Miriam said...

You've had a haircut.

Roberto said...

that introduction is bloody irritating

Miss Field said...

Good video mate.


Miriam said...

I was waiting until I got home to watch it with sound on, and I have to say I was slightly disappointed at the total lack of any kind of words.


1) it reminded me a lot of when I went to Pollonnaruwa with my mother, and the tour guide would spend several minutes describing each landmark in Sinhalese, only for my mother to then "translate" for me by giving me one sentence in English.

2) the effort you go to is appreciated.

3) the new haircut is kind of cute.

Straight Point said...

wonderful dude!! what an effort!!

just goes to show how much we share the passion for the game...

The Atheist said...

All, cheers. Although, I was a bit hurried, and sort of put of by the fact that I bought a new camera that doesn't record sound.

Rob, I take your point. I thought it was cool. But, I have now discovered, I have no idea what "cool" means.

I got some new Stop Motion Animation software, which was so good that it made the Stop Motion footage of me look like a crappy camera. Anyway, if you can, record yourself in stop motion. It is incredibly fun.

Look! Look! I move around the room without moving my leds.


King Cricket said...

What's Ricky Ponting doing to Gilchrist?

Glad you made him stop.

The Atheist said...

Er...he's telling off Gilchrist for walking. You see, when you do cricketers in blu-tack, they only have one arm. It's like being in the British Nacy circa Admiral Nelson's time.