Thursday, January 31, 2008

He’s not a pariah, he’s a very naughty boy

The BCCI is cracking the whip, enforcing their power and giving their players a bit of a telling off. There are reports that, if Sourav Ganguly doesn’t behave, he’ll go to bed without watching Chucklevision.

Harbhajan Singh’s appeal has reversed the judgement that he used racial abuse in the course of test match. It was decided that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that he used racist language, but there was evidence to indicate he had been generally abusive.

The question is just what kind of pillock is Harbhajan? The answer is not as much as a big one as we first though. However, he is still has a propensity to deliver the feared “Harby Super Knee-to-the-groin Special”, even to his team mates.

In any case, the mums in charge of the BCCI said,

"We have told the players not to get into altercations,”
You rather wonder what the advice was before this unfortunate affair. I suppose it followed the standard Australian approach of verbally engaging with the opposition at every available opportunity. I don’t know, I’m just some guy, you know.

Anyway, the Indians: behave! Or they’ll be consequences. Perhaps they’ll send you to the naughty corner, which, I understand, is being dubbed the “Indian Cricket League”.

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Straight Point said...

i think its high time bhajji does something with bowling...he has used enough mouth and its time he talks with his bowling for a while...

in all the hoopallah we should not forget that he was a failure as bowler and only getting ponting is not going to save him for long...