Saturday, February 09, 2008

English weather shows Antipodean climes how it should be done

Here’s a picture of the Thames Estuary, close to where I live. It was taken about half an hour ago. It’s just a normal perfect, Caribbean day in my little part of London.

Meanwhile, in a continent where the climate is so awful, the insects evolved new forms of incredibly dangerous poison just to ease suicide, the rain continues to pour and pour and pour.

And pour and pour.

There really isn’t much more to this post that pathetic gloating. I could allude to England’s feeble performance against wonder bums, New Zealand. Apparently, we conspired to lose by 13 wickets. That’s how bad we were.

As bad as the current weather over Australia.

The Englishers simple-minded capitulation was pretty low. About as the hearts of all the little Ausslers and Kiwis, as they hear the persistent precipitation pound down on their under-maintained corrugated iron roofs. “Oh please stop,” think they, “just for a little sleep.”

In other news, five members of the Australian team went, and I’m not making this up, totally mad. Honest to god, I got this from Cricket Australia’s official website. So weather-depressed were the Australian first team players that they spontaneously began to run about trouserless, shrieking about how they wished they changed nationality in order to enjoy the wonderful sunshine on the Essex Riviera.

Maybe Tim Ambrose was smarter than we though?


Miss Field said...

About 20 minutes ago the sun shining into my eyes woke me up. It was rather hot overnight so I've had a fan on all night. There isn't a cloud in the sky, and I think the temperature is expected to reach 32 degrees today.

Just another day in Perth.

miriam said...

You are being very English, ayalac, with all this talk about the weather.

Suave said...

Huzzah for The EnglaND's wonderful climes..

another truly glorious day today..

It appears Ath, that it is all blogger sites that are dodgy and not you specifically, but just in case, I've got my eyes on you..

The Atheist said...

Missy, I think you confused "sunshine" for "relentless down-pouring". It's easy to delude yourself when the weather is so poor.

Miriam, with England being so rubbish, we have to take all we can get.

Suave, what's your PIN number?