Friday, February 08, 2008

Match not rained off

In an unexpected turn, the notoriously wet Australian climate briefly became “not crap” to allow the playing of a one day match.

The famous Australian meteorologist, Dave Dingo, stated,

“Well, I was all, y’know, sorta geared up for the usual shower of soddenness that we get around here. Y’know, the normal Australian thing of rain, cold and misery. But, crickey my koala, we’ve had sunshine today. It’s so sunny, I feel like I’m in England!”
Strong words indeed. The weather in London has been described by Michael “The Fish” Fish as “lovely” as of late. And it is widely thought that the English climate can tell the Australian weather system a thing or two about being “not crap”.

However, in its defence, Cricket Australia issued a press released of the usually reliable atmosphere:

“G’day. It is true that the weather has been disappointing during matches. However, its net form has been strong, and we here in Cricket Australia back our climate to perform well in the long term.”
Unfortunately, the press conference was cut short when, caught at the nadir of depression, the spokesmen spontaneously decided to take a holiday in South East England where, “it’s bloody marvellous” before adding “mate”.


Suave said...

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful.

Good work old chap.

Moses @ OxenShizer said...

our weather plays hard but fair, it's not tiddlywinks afterall.

Suave said...


Have you turned into an international criminal, The Atheist?

Kaspersky Internet just went batshit, when I tried to access your site.

It said, and I quote..

Are you sure you want to enter this site.. this site has been used for phishing credit card details, passwords and pin numbers.

You devious old git you.. I'm assuming you're using the funds from your criminal activities, to bring down the current world order.
I'm in..

Miss Field said...

I heard Ponting also made a statement about the weather...

In true Australian style I spent most of the day piss-farting around. Fair dinkum though, the last week I've been I was flat out like a lizard drinking and feeling pretty knackered. Still, we're gettin the big bickies. Today I took the esky and the ute and had a dip in the arvo, in my new cossies. It was a scorcher until the Fremantle doctor came. Followed up with a few snags on the barbie with the oldies. Had some sparkly but not too much. I'm such a cadbury, the toerag teammates give me shit for it, no worries. Probably a bit of a piss-weak effort at partying the day away anyway, but I was a happy little vegemite. And mate, the weather was tops. Real beauty.

A dingo stole my baby!

Uncle J rod said...

I was filming burlesque dancers today, but they had to go inside, twas to wet for them. So this is a much more serious issue than you know.

The Atheist said...

Suave, yeah. Actually, I have been known to do that. It might be best if you provide me with your credit card details, you know, just in case the animals get them.

Miss Field, back like about the baby. And they other stuff.

Unkie, it serves you right for having such a great job that you punished for it.

Uncle J rod said...

Ath, yeah instead we went inside and interviewed the burlesque dancers, that was true punishment.

Suave said...

Mmm.. Burlesque dancers.

What a way to start the day.. Australia doing terribly in the ODI vs India, and talk of Burlesque.

wonderful stuff.