Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Indians inflict mental disintegration on Tait

In a surprising move, Shaun Tait was retired from all forms of cricket, citing physical and emotional exhaustion.

He has always had elbow problems and has undergone major surgery on his shoulder in 2005. But you wonder if the main problem isn’t line and length?

In the one match that he played in the recent Indian series, he bowled 21 overs for 92 runs and taking no wickets. He was milked like a highly promiscuous cow.

He did alright in the World Cup, taking 23 wickets, but he has always struggled at test match level. I remember the English battering him about the place a while ago, and indeed, his test match average is 60.

It is confusing that he says he is “emotionally exhaustion” when he has played so few matches at the top level. This isn’t an Andrew Strauss, “oh, it’s all too much for me”. Perhaps he thinks he’s not cut out for the “highest level”? Then again, Bret Lee also took a long time to find his feet.

No, I put it down to the Indians. Seeing as they are nasty sledgers now, it seems obvious that they deliberately mentally disintegrated him. Who’s next on their international hit-list? Their out to get us.


Suave said...


I hope they pick Graeme Smith & Herschelle Gibss next.

Two repugnant men, who would make the cricket world a nicer place, if they were no more a part of it!

Miriam said...

I feel a bit sad for him. What's happened to me?

Suave said...

You're turning in to the English version of Miss-Field!

Uncle J rod said...

Three days ago he almost destroyed Victoria single handedly, but the vics held steady, then that night his team mate got hit on the head.

Either Victoria or Jason gillespie is to blame.

Trapper John said...

Puzzling news about Tait, but it pales in importance next to this shocker:

Three of Bermuda's squad who should have appeared in their side's Stanford 20/20 campaign are facing lengthy bans after failing a drugs test.

"If any athlete has tested positive with us we then send a portion of the specimen to the government lab for confirmation," Cathy Belvedere, a spokesman for the Bermuda Council for Drug Free Sports, told The Royal Gazette newspaper. "And if it is confirmed positive they then get a one year infraction.

"They can apply for the domestic application whereas they won't be able to represent Bermuda during that year but can go back to playing gymnastics, football, cricket or whatever sport they are involved in," Belvedere added. "They would also have to agree to some counselling, but that's only if there's a positive find."

Although the identity of the players is not yet known, it was confirmed that two of the trio represented Somerset - one of Bermuda's domestic teams - while the other is "a prominent member" of St George's, the domestic champions.

"All of the players [in the national team] were tested, but unfortunately not everyone cleared the process which has policies in place that all national bodies must adhere to.," Reggie Pearman, president of the Bermuda Cricket Board, said. "All of the players knew what was required of them and what the consequences were."


Now, I believe that Sluggo does not ply his trade for either Somerset or St. Geiorge's, but until his named is cleared, I'll be on tenterhooks.

Say it ain't so, Sluggo!

Tim said...

Odd and surprising. I'm guessing there's circumstances we don't know, so I don't wanna judge him too harshly.

The Atheist said...

Trapper John, thank you for bringing this monumental news to my attention. I shall address it immediately.