Friday, January 18, 2008

Two things

A quick update. I discovered two interesting things yesterday.

One, Adam Gilchrist has probably been to Twickenham

Apparently, he has a blog. And on this site he claims to have played for Richmond Cricket Club, in London. Twickenham is right next to Richmond (indeed, it’s in the borough of Richmond). So, Adam “Gill-like” Gilchrist has probably visited my home town.

He must have played on Twickenham Green – indeed, been in the same pavilion as me. I would have remembered a deranged Ausso destroying the windows of all those Indian restaurants lined up against the Green, so I probably never saw him play. But still, that makes me special, right?

Two, are Indians more bastardlier than the Australians?

A wonderful and established blog, Mike on Cricket, has compiled a list of disciplinary offences committed by team. The Indians with 43 offences since 1997 are well ahead -with apparently Sourav Ganguly representing 12 of those. Australia are fourth, behind Pakistan and South Africa.

Of the major teams, England and Sri Lanka are the nicest. But we new that, anyway. Didn’t we?

So, the Indians are the bad guys. Didn’t expect that. But, I don’t mind if they are unpleasant pieces of work, just so long as they beat the Australians…the goodies.

The news has disturbed me. Australia can't be nice. It can't be true. The papers say they are mean. If you can't trust the media, then you might as well stop believing in your mum.


Jrod said...

I think you and I should give up this blogging caper, Gilly has us cold.

And remember watch the ball.

Anonymous said...

The photo that he's chosen for the banner makes him look even more like an elf in a fantasy film than usual.

Anonymous said...

And is that grass or are they rusty nails painted a lurid green?

Anonymous said...

His blog has a forum as well. Must....resist.....temptation.

The Atheist said...

Should we take over? Or ask him advice on what we should put in our gloves when batting?

Anonymous said...

We should resist the temptation. That's what we should do. RESIST! No good can come of it!

Unknown said...

He did more than visit Twickenham, he lived in Grove Park for his entire stay! That's fact. I should know. I was playing at Richmond with him