Monday, January 28, 2008

Australia: unworthy winners?

This was a hum-dinger of a series. A really close one. And, if you discount the first two matches, India were the run-away champions.

However, with the run-glut boredom of the last test, everything just faded away. In stead of watching that, I decided to do this. For hours and hours.

We found out some new stuff from this series as a whole. We found out that Irfan Pathan is not really opening batsman material. Virender Sehwag stills has it in him. Anil Kumble is still god-like. Michael Clarke isn’t all that bad. Michael Hussey isn’t all that good. And the Australians are still the embodiment of all that is evil.

This might go down as one of those series that people talk about for ages and ages. Like the Ashes 2005. I hope not, though. I’m English, and I get pissed off when people go gooey and start banging on about the past.

I wish we could all say, “Yeah, there was a series. Some stuff happened, you know?” And then we can get on with appreciating the present world, the new world of Australia being really good and England being really crap.

So yeah. India showed us that Australia aren’t invincible at home. Which no one has done since we realised that Neighbours wasn’t popular at all over there. I suppose that’s some progress in world cricket.

But, truth be told, this series won’t really be remember for the quality of its cricket. India were caught on the hop at the first match, and were robbed of the second test in a highly emotional and unpleasant game. Thereafter, once the administrators stepped in and removed the Ausslers key strength of being complete pillocks, the series rather tailed off.

Yeah, India one a match. The first time Australia lost at Perth since the country was founded in 1975. But, you know, so what? We were all geared up for some eleven-a-side fights; we wanted to see Bret Lee clobbered by Sourav Ganguly with a wicket. We wanted violence, revenge even.

It never happened, and some blokes just ponced about a pitch frolicking about with some sticks for a bit. Disappointing, to say the least. We don’t like Australia.

So, it’s disingenuous to say that Australia didn’t deserve to win this series. They just don’t deserve to win anything.

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Straight Point said...


first time the team which won series 2-1 is facing more questions than answers...

they don't have quality fourth pace bowler as well as spinner...they also looked bit weak when hayden was not there...

i would say only guy who kept them in this series was LEE...if i were from CA i would shudder at the thought of what if Lee not bowled the way he bowled...