Monday, December 17, 2007

Harmison: oh go on then

I have repeatedly campaigned for Steve Harmison to be dropped and forgotten forever. Sometimes the ECB listens to the first part of my advice, but, crucially, ignores the latter.

However, in my old age, and the festive spirit, I have deemed to allow Harmison to play one more game. He did alright at the Sinhalese Sports Ground, I suppose. He didn’t take many wickets, but he did provide the English attack with the “cutting edge”.

Never mind the fact that bugger all was cut, and we spend most of the time collecting balls from the boundary.

I have accepted that my Chris Tremlett fantasy is a bit of a pipe dream. Plus, he’d probably not add too much to the equation. We have all accepted that we need three swingers and one bouncy bowler. And Monty.

Although, this deranged observer reckons we should drop the Sikh of Tweak for Graeme Swann! Graeme Swann!

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Suave said...

To be honest, I'd go with Broad, over Swann or Panesar.

I was looking at stats recently, in Sri Lanka, offspinners who aren't Murali, go for about sixty runs per wicket.
Left arm orthodox go for around 55.
Pace bowlers, are between 35-45 per wicket.

Swann is not effective enough, and Monty is looking like a poor relation of the King Of Spain, at present.