Thursday, May 10, 2007

You need two wicket-keepers to win

Well, India proved me wrong and a 107 partnership by wicket-keepers Dinesh Karthik (58) and MS Dhoni (91) forced a victory for the visitors.

At 144/5 after 28.1 overs, with a run a ball required, India were in trouble. The Tiger's spinners were on top of the floundering Indian bastmen, and Bangladesh should have pushed hard for the win. However, Dhoni played a thoughtful innings and held India together. No mad flailing this time, he played with maturity to pull the match away from Bangladesh.

Karthik also played a sensible knock and will pressure Dhoni for those times when India only play one keeper.

Although they kept the run-rate down, the Bangladeshi attack lacks penetration. One more wicket would have won them the match. The Tigers are surely young and nice people, but I think a mean ruthlessness is needed now.

This was certainly an impressive performance by both teams. India showed their character in pulling themselves out of certain defeat, and Bangladesh looked dominant for most of the match.


Trapper John said...

Time to send Mashrafe Mortaza to play Aussie state cricket, where he can acquire the necessary ruthlessness.

The Atheist said...

Thanks for the comment, Trappo. Imspired greater things in me.

How comes there is hardly any cricket on your blog? Its all bizarre American things that frighten me.

And another thing, what has happened to Mephito's blog? I thought that was quite good. Did we scare him away?