Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yorkshire: where men are mums

Do you remember when you mum used to kiss you as a kid? You’d pull away and say “Mu-um!” Of course, this is all just a memory for me now. My mum has now replaced affection with criticism and abuse, as with all loving parents, I suppose.

Anyway, this Adil Rashid receiving a motherly kiss from his captain, Darren Gough. From the expression on Adil’s face – he feels about five.

Now, I would have liked to see Ray Illingworth kiss his team-mates. One by one. Maybe he’d hold their hand a little. Give them a flower.

Anyway, if the heavy petting route works, which it seems to for Yorkshire, then I’m not the one to stand in the way of consenting cricketers expressing themselves in public.


Flintoffs Ashes said...

Hehehe...Mind you, my mum would have blown chunks if she'd seen the dislocated finger I got last season trying to take a catch on the boundary.

The worst thing is that chunks is the name of our family dog.

I'll get my coat.

The Atheist said...

A comment! It seems like a long time since I have had a comment here. Why that's worthy of a link!

My family dog was called Charlie. She got in a fight with a leopard once. Charlie won.

We never tugged her ears again.