Sunday, April 15, 2007


Here is Graeme Smith tossing the coin before he lost to New Zealand. Observe his technique:

  • Strong base, with feet a shoulder's width apart.

  • Feet also athletic, allowing the body to stretch and extend.

  • The tossing arm is raised and bent to maximise spinnage in the coin.

  • Thumb erect for more accurate placement.

  • Left arm shielding the eyes, in case of unexpected "spin back".
Poetry in motion. This man is an expert.

Compare with Michael Vaughan against Bangladesh.

This is a much more flamboyant technique.

Notice his left leg is slightly cocked, to allow maximum reach towards the stars. Moreover, you will observe that, unlike Smith, Vaughan's arm is not bent, it is erect. This is to ensure a greater elevation of the coin. Spinnage is sacrificed for height.

Furthermore, you will see that Vaughan does not use the "thumb" technique, but he extends the index finger, to pinpoint the exact trajectory of the coin.

Lastly, as opposed to Smith steady gaze at trained on the horizon, Vaughan is ascendant, glaring directly at the heavens. Indeed, his entire body is moving, urging him in an upwards. This is to make him look more like a fairy.


Mephistopheles said...

Brilliant post! ROFL

Samir Chopra said...

It seems to me that Smith is flipping off someone in the stands. Perhaps Pietersen is taking the day off and making rude gestures from across the ground? Vaughan, however, seems to be doing a little dance, almost as he has been taking ballet classes as physical therapy for his dodgy knee.

Blue and Brown said...

Are you sure he's not just launching a blue budgerigar like the one the guy on the right's holding?